Who We Are

We are ordinary people of the Caprivi founded on the principle of peace, freedom, and justice for all, who are concerned about: Caprivi political prisoners, Caprivi political refugees, and the Caprivi political dispute.

Executive Council

  1. Chairperson: Mr. Lutambo Lutambo
  2. Deputy Chairperson: Mr. Matemwa Kangongo
  3. Secretary General: Mr. Edwin Samati
  4. Deputy Secretary General: Mr. Calvin Kabika
  5. Treasurer: Ms Lenny Makanyi
  6. Deputy Treasurer: Chrissy Sikenda
  7. Secretary for Information and Publicity: Mr. Nalisa Muyahi
  8. Deputy Secretary for Information and publicity: Mr. Event Linyando
  9. Organizing Secretary: Mr. Aldrin Mahulilo
  10. Deputy Organizing Secretary: Mr. Hosted Mukuni