Caprivi Concerned Group hereby appeal to all peace loving people around the world to sign our petition on the following link:

This goes to those who understands what it is called to be in a maximum prison for 14 years as a SUSPECT, those who can imagine or who knows the pain that these prisoners, their children, siblings and parents are going through since 1999!

Colleagues, friends and comrades, injustice can never be justified. How can we watch state powers trampling the rights and integrity of our fellow human beings and their families for 14 years?
Your names are protected, not for public view. Only the author (Myself) may see names of those who signs. It takes only 1 minute to sign.From the bottom of our hearts, with tears flowing, we ask you to help our parents, fellow human beings by signing the petition on the link above.


How can people be kept in prison for 14 years as suspects in a democratic country? And how can a trial take 14 years?

Thank you.

Mr. Edwin Samati
Secretary General
Caprivi Concerned Group