Caprivi in need political healing                                                                                             Nicky Nalisa


It’s not a secret in Caprivi or a shameful thing to believe that Caprivi was then a separate territory from the rest of South West Africa today known as Namibia. As more Caprivians today than yesterday wake-up with the hope of seeing the notorious Mishake Muyongo president and founder of United Democratic Party (UDP) walking the streets of Katima Mulilo. Muyongo holds a special place in most hearts of Caprivians in all denominations, believe you me because I’m talking from within not without. Given his political knowledge in both Namibia and Caprivi, his personal contact with the people he represents proved his ability to lead the Caprivian to the Promised Land. We saw this when he was president of DTA of Namibia till 1998 when he and the UDP was expelled from the DTA. Caprivi was ruled by DTA not Swapo. Swapo forced itself on Caprivi by introducing its monopolistic ideas to vulnerable Caprivian politicians at that time.

While I’m not writing today to talk much about Muyongo, I want to talk about the Caprivi Strip; from Mukwe to Impalila inland. Caprivians are been continuously insulted by the ruling Swapo party, many Caprivian are now at a stage of appreciating insults, they are back in the days of the whites whereas they believed that being insulted by a Whiteman is a greeting. Swapo feel they have the power to do, say what they want, when the want and how they want, this this total bullshits being displayed by Swapo MPs (Military Personnel).

One, they arrest over 132 Caprivians for upholding their humanitarian rights, torture men, women and youth mentally and physically, kill Caprivians, intimidate our fellow Caprivians to an extent of them fledging into Botswana, Zambia and elsewhere. Swapo is killing us softly.

Two, they change the name Caprivi to Zambezi, many Swapo politicians here in the Caprivi have turned into comedians, each and every time they are giving a speech they what to empress they masters who are Vambos by referring to the strip as Zambezi, but every time they try to do that they will still end up calling the strip Caprivi, confused souls.

Three, stealing our land (western Caprivi), people even the devil himself knows that western Caprivi is for Caprivi I’m very sure even the devilish Swapo party knows but then devilish sprit in them is so strong to a point that they can no longer reason well . God will forgive you but we won’t.

Four, selling us our own land, apparently these lands everyone must register his land and the land registered must be within an acceptable range that the Swapo party led government chose. Do we know that as Caprivians we are very few but have more than enough land, now this is what will happen after they registration, the left-over land will be given to the Vambos since they are many and without fettle land. I don’t want to come live with Vambos here, the little we have now give us more than enough problems.

Five, Electricity and the Trans Caprivi Highway, Swapo and its games. They are just using us to improve the trade relations with mostly Zambia and DR Congo and the central Africa. The copper of Zambia pass through Caprivi to the port of Walvis Bay vise vasa all the mine equipment, this is the reason for the bridge at Wennela border post anyway, Caprivians it’s not for us yawe not at all. Look at our roads in the town of Katima Mulilo, very poor quality on a scale out of 10 I will give those roads 2, I bit with you the wont last for morethan two years. They are just a temporal camping tool put in place by Swapo MPs.  The Caprivi interconnector consists of a 970km transmission line, which starts from Katima Mulilo, runs along the Caprivi Strip between Zambia and Botswana and ends at Gerus in central Namibia. But we don’t have reliable electricity in Katima Mulilo, why? Answer: simple the electricity is taken to central Namibia, Caprivi is just used to carry the electricity. I hate them!

Six, they are countless wrongs by Swapo in Caprivi, but Muyongo will come back and resolve them. Muyongo is still very energetic fellow Caprivians.

What can we do for ourselves now when awaiting for the total independence?


Nalisa Muyahi


Caprivi Youth Foundation,


Caprivi DTA youth league


Caprivi in need political healing