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Namibia is requested to meet security assurance for the return of Caprivians from Botswana

29June 2015

First and foremost we the Caprivians in Botswana would like to put the records straight to Botswana, Namibia and UNHCR (Tripartite Committee).

We put it on record that, for seventeen years we spent in Botswana we had always rejected the plans of Go and See come and Tell Mission. This time we allowed ourselves to participate in it, in order to openly prove a point why we always contested that Caprivi’s political environment is not safe for our return without a political solution.

In this mission we shall prove that Caprivians people are governed by the barrel of the gun. Live in fear, and they cannot express their feelings, their rights. In fact their conscious are in prison The government has instilled fear and use tactics of divide and rule upon them.

Does our current position allow to be returned to Namibia?

1. We fled from Caprivi in 1998 and 1999 ,many people left before the 2ndAugust attack of 1999 while few people left after the attack.
2. The attack was simply aimed to remove the illegal occupation of the Namibian Government. Unfortunately after this attack the Namibian Government even cemented their illegal stay in Caprivi through forced annexation act of 1999 by extending their laws which were not applicable to this territory.
3. It is true that Namibia cannot ignore the fact that people who left Caprivi fleeing to Botswana was a result of crack down on all UDP members around 1998 and 1999.
4. Caprivians in exile in Botswana all belong to the United Democratic Party (UDP) who seeks independence from Namibia.
5. It is not new to Botswana Government because when we entered the Country through ungazeted points of entry, we were received by the Government and during interviews we indicated that we are UDP people from Caprivi Strip. And that we wanted freedom since Caprivi is occupied illegally by the Namibian Government.
6. Since our arrival in Botswana we perpetually asked the Government of Botswana to inform the Namibian Government to accept a dialogue with our leaders so that the political problem could be resolved. All our efforts were averted by the Namibian Government.
7. We fully believe that Caprivi must be free from the Namibian illegal occupation.
8. We harbor same sentiment with those who are in prisons because of Caprivi.
9. WE ARE UDP PEOPLE whose only aim is to liberate Caprivi from Namibia.

Are these not worthy questions that Caprivians should ask Namibia?

a) Why Swapo Government is failing to implement the agreement of the 5th November 1964
b) We would ask Namibia about the mass graves, one in Dairy cemetery and another in Angolan side of 15 Barakwenas from western Caprivi.
c) Why Namibia did not ask Caprivians to decide either they wanted to be part of Namibia or not in 1999.
d) Why Swapo Government took part of Caprivi (western Caprivi) to Kavango by force without consultation with the Caprivians?
e) Why the change of name from Caprivi to Zambezi is imposed on us, why Caprivians were not given chance to decide on the appropriate name.
The above are some among the questions that we are determined to ask Swapo Government.

Namibia should commit herself to the following conditions to ensure us Caprivians our safety when we come back

1. The Namibian Government should acknowledge the fact we the Caprivians in Botswana whom they have continually demanded to return back are UDP people. We left Caprivi as such and even now we are still the same, so they must be ready to accept us as they are.

2. The Namibian Government should unban our party (UDP) to ensure our dignity and safety return.

3. Must release all our fellow UDP members who were arrested in 1999 and 2000. They are in prison for 16 years now because of their political opinion.

4. The Government must commit herself in principle that all Caprivians in exile including Mr. Francis Mushandikwe whom they have denied return for many years and all Caprivians abroad must be allowed to return and no one will be subjected to harassment torture, imprisonment or prosecution.

5. Caprivians to be allowed to pursue their political aspirations in their own way to determine their own destiny.

6. For the Government to take note that, the time Botswana forces us back without a permanent solution to our problem, if it happens that we will still be alive, then the Namibian Government should not blame us to have caused instability because we shall demand our freedom immediately on our arrival.

7. Botswana Government is aware that they are pushing us without a solution to our problem; the Minister Mr. Shaw Kathi told us openly that we are no longer needed in Botswana. Though the UN Conventions of 1951 and protocol of 1967 article 33 clearly states non refoulment of refugees to frontiers where they could be persecuted because of their political opinion among others. For the above reason we seek international protection on the matter. UNHCR should negotiate with other Countries where they must take us not let us exposed to danger they are well aware off.

8. Namibia should accept democratic approaches to the Caprivi political problem, a referendum or dialogue is one of the ways possible that could end the problem forever. Why fearing that?
9. We request Botswana Government and UNHCR to seek other alternatives to end Refugee problems not to resort to pushing Refugees where their lives is in danger
10. If the Namibian Government does not want to commit herself to the above conditions, then your demand for our return should be viewed that you want to kill us because you are already aware that we are going to ask you the same questions asked above what will be the Government’s reaction on that?

11. We are not ready to submit to your eternal subjugation. We rather die seeking the permanent solution to our problem.
12. We hereby appealing to the international community to evacuate all Caprivians from the agreed plans of forced repatriation or deportation by Botswana and Namibian government.

In conclusion, it is our belief that the Namibian government shall not take short cuts and intimidation approach in resolving the Caprivi political Issue. It can be appreciated if the Namibian government could be bravely submit the issue for international attention instead of claiming it to be a domestic issue yet the whole aim is to suppress it hoping that it will die a natural death.

Dialogue and referendum still remains a brilliant options in dealing with political conflicts like the one for the Caprivian people. The denial of the Namibian government to opt for such recommended international standards could prove contrary to what they claim be.

We implore peace loving governments, international community and non government organisations to support us in peaceful approaches in order to find the lasting solution to our political problem.

Caprivians in exile – Botswana


Fact Finding

Fact Finding


10 November 2014


1. Cde. Alfred Chilinda (DTA)
2. Cde. David Mwilima (APP)
3. Cde. Fred Waluka (DTA)
4. Cde. John Sililo (NEFF)
5. Cde. Tapiso Matongela (RDP)
6. Cde. Benson Kaapala (CP)
7. Cde. Chris Muketela (DTA)
8. Cde. Luscan Sikosi (DTA)
9. Cde. Lister Sabuta (RDP)
10. Cde. Ivan Kabunga (RDP)
11. Cde. Geoffrey Mwilima (DTA)
12. Cde. Nalisa Muyahi (DTA)
13. Cde. Bigboy Buiswalelo (NEFF)
14. Cde. Cyprian Muyenga (DTA)
15. Cde. Daphne Siyongo (DTA)
16. Cde. Charles Muwana (DTA)
17. And others in SWAPO


First of all, our critical problems or issues in Caprivi do not require Caprivians to compete against each other but to cooperate with each other. Our problems as a society are totally different from those of Namibian societies.

It is well for Namibians to compete against each other but seriously dangerous for Caprivians to compete against each other. What we need now is unity through cooperation as we turn around into a new direction. What we need is not the elections but a peaceful revolution. We have a common agenda, and this agenda should be made clear to the Namibian government and the international community.

Hence, we write this letter to humbly appeal to you as our brothers and sisters, and as fellow victims of the Namibian colonial and autocratic government to join us in boycotting Namibian elections in the spirit of brotherhood on the 28th of November 2014. We strongly believe that you are naturally our comrades and compatriots, and we should therefore fight together as one for a common purpose.

Singling each one of you out of many is not intended to negatively expose you but to recognize you as leaders who do not only have followers but who also have political authority to positively influence and lead the new path to a Caprivi we all desire, and a society we all dream of.

By participating in Namibian elections through Namibian opposition parties which do not genuinely represent real issues or needs of Caprivian people who are rotting in mass graves, Namibian prisons and in refugee camps is, in our view, a generational betrayal to the past and the future generations of Caprivi.

Caprivi Concerned Group cannot stand by and watch Caprivian leaders competing against each other for the benefit of foreigners or foreign cooperatives. They are not only foreigners but they are also passive bystanders in our troubled times. Now that unity should be a priority for all Caprivians, your participation in such a competition in different small groups (parties) is detrimental, and a direct attack, to the concept and desire of Caprivians for Peace, Unity and Freedom.

If you were the founders or owners of those political parties; we would suggest a coalition to uproot the Namibian government from Caprivi but unfortunately you are not, and you have no meaningful influence in such parties. Moreover, those political parties stand no chance of taking over government of Namibia from SWAPO. This shows that things will remain the same.

Time has come for a political overhaul or total change. Time has come for Caprivians to freely determine their political, social and economic future through peaceful means and in unity. We cannot continue fighting and despising each other in the name of Namibian politics.

Your masters, or owners of the parties you represent, may have dished out money just for you to dilute and divert the minds and authority of Caprivians from solving real issues or problems which immensely affect our society, to petty issues and vague promises of development. This scenario is equivalent to selling out people’s power and dreams. Many of you have voted in all past Namibian elections but development is not visible while other areas administered by the Namibian government are developing.

We need to harmonize our strengths to pressurize relevant authorities and other organizations to find a lasting solution to the Caprivi high treason trial, Caprivi refugees and the Caprivi political dispute. The future and our conscience will punish us heavily should we ignorantly vote when our parents or relatives are still in mass graves, prisons and refugee camps.



Remember that we were together protesting against the name Zambezi and the misappropriation of western Caprivi to Kavango in 2013. We all agreed in our petition that if the name Caprivi is not restored then we the people of Caprivi will not participate (vote) in the upcoming Namibian elections. Are you comfortable to use a voter’s card where the name which you disputed is printed? Have you accepted it?

The future of Caprivi rests in your hands. What we do today, determines what we will experience tomorrow. We need to be bold enough and write our political desire in capital letters on the wall. We need to be positive in our self-concept and self-esteem, not to doubt our intelligence, capacity, and dreams. We must believe in ourselves than in others.

Our desire is to drive Caprivians towards unity of purpose, common mission and vision, and total independence. It is possible, but it requires one mind, one people, courage and commitment. Caprivi does not belong to any individual or group but to all of us, the natives and those who live in it.

We have to weaken (disempower) the Namibian government in Caprivi by not voting, and then reorganize ourselves and use our majority authority to map out a new and independent Caprivi through relevant international authorities. We have a vision; we have a dream which should be realized.

We are faithful that this prayer is received and accepted by the Almighty God, and each of you.

On behalf of the National Executive Committee and all concerned Caprivians,

Lenox Kalima Lutambo
Caprivi Concerned Group
Cell: 0813168139

Caprivi in need political healing

Caprivi in need political healing                                                                                             Nicky Nalisa


It’s not a secret in Caprivi or a shameful thing to believe that Caprivi was then a separate territory from the rest of South West Africa today known as Namibia. As more Caprivians today than yesterday wake-up with the hope of seeing the notorious Mishake Muyongo president and founder of United Democratic Party (UDP) walking the streets of Katima Mulilo. Muyongo holds a special place in most hearts of Caprivians in all denominations, believe you me because I’m talking from within not without. Given his political knowledge in both Namibia and Caprivi, his personal contact with the people he represents proved his ability to lead the Caprivian to the Promised Land. We saw this when he was president of DTA of Namibia till 1998 when he and the UDP was expelled from the DTA. Caprivi was ruled by DTA not Swapo. Swapo forced itself on Caprivi by introducing its monopolistic ideas to vulnerable Caprivian politicians at that time.

While I’m not writing today to talk much about Muyongo, I want to talk about the Caprivi Strip; from Mukwe to Impalila inland. Caprivians are been continuously insulted by the ruling Swapo party, many Caprivian are now at a stage of appreciating insults, they are back in the days of the whites whereas they believed that being insulted by a Whiteman is a greeting. Swapo feel they have the power to do, say what they want, when the want and how they want, this this total bullshits being displayed by Swapo MPs (Military Personnel).

One, they arrest over 132 Caprivians for upholding their humanitarian rights, torture men, women and youth mentally and physically, kill Caprivians, intimidate our fellow Caprivians to an extent of them fledging into Botswana, Zambia and elsewhere. Swapo is killing us softly.

Two, they change the name Caprivi to Zambezi, many Swapo politicians here in the Caprivi have turned into comedians, each and every time they are giving a speech they what to empress they masters who are Vambos by referring to the strip as Zambezi, but every time they try to do that they will still end up calling the strip Caprivi, confused souls.

Three, stealing our land (western Caprivi), people even the devil himself knows that western Caprivi is for Caprivi I’m very sure even the devilish Swapo party knows but then devilish sprit in them is so strong to a point that they can no longer reason well . God will forgive you but we won’t.

Four, selling us our own land, apparently these lands everyone must register his land and the land registered must be within an acceptable range that the Swapo party led government chose. Do we know that as Caprivians we are very few but have more than enough land, now this is what will happen after they registration, the left-over land will be given to the Vambos since they are many and without fettle land. I don’t want to come live with Vambos here, the little we have now give us more than enough problems.

Five, Electricity and the Trans Caprivi Highway, Swapo and its games. They are just using us to improve the trade relations with mostly Zambia and DR Congo and the central Africa. The copper of Zambia pass through Caprivi to the port of Walvis Bay vise vasa all the mine equipment, this is the reason for the bridge at Wennela border post anyway, Caprivians it’s not for us yawe not at all. Look at our roads in the town of Katima Mulilo, very poor quality on a scale out of 10 I will give those roads 2, I bit with you the wont last for morethan two years. They are just a temporal camping tool put in place by Swapo MPs.  The Caprivi interconnector consists of a 970km transmission line, which starts from Katima Mulilo, runs along the Caprivi Strip between Zambia and Botswana and ends at Gerus in central Namibia. But we don’t have reliable electricity in Katima Mulilo, why? Answer: simple the electricity is taken to central Namibia, Caprivi is just used to carry the electricity. I hate them!

Six, they are countless wrongs by Swapo in Caprivi, but Muyongo will come back and resolve them. Muyongo is still very energetic fellow Caprivians.

What can we do for ourselves now when awaiting for the total independence?


Nalisa Muyahi


Caprivi Youth Foundation,


Caprivi DTA youth league


Caprivi in need political healing

Concerned Caprivians call for political solution

A MEETING of ‘concerned Caprivians’ held a mass meeting at Ngweze on Sunday where they demanded political dialogue between President Hifikepunye Pohamba and Mishake Muyongo, exiled president of the United Democratic Party (UDP).

The group’s attempt to stage a peaceful march in Katima Mulilo on April 13 to petition against the continued incarceration of the Caprivi secessionist suspects was foiled by the Namibian Police.

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Response to the Concerned Group of Caprivians

With regard to the open letter that you sent to our Honourable Prime Minister, here is a response from a concerned citizen of Namibia who hails from Caprivi.

Each time you talk about Muyongo and his followers it really reminds me of the day when his people massacred the innocent lives on 2 August. Now my question is, you are forcing our Prime Minister to enter the dialogue which will free those rebels: Why in the first place didn’t you force your leader Muyongo to enter into dialogue, instead of taking up arms and massacring the innocent people, why do you want the matter to be peacefully discussed now?

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Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Honorable Nahas Angula
The Prime Minister
Republic of Namibia
Private Bag 13338

Dear Sir,


1. We read your response, with grace and appreciation, in Namibian Sun newspaper of Thursday 07 June 2012, to our major civil demands which are: a) a political dialogue between President Hifikepunye Pohamba and Mishake Muyongo, b) an unconditional release of all Caprivi political prisoners, and c) a referendum on Caprivi political dispute.

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Namibian Police Suppresses freedoms

Namibian Police (NamPol) Inspector General, Lt-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, has yesterday declined to “approve” a peaceful demonstration by a group of concerned Caprivians at Katima Mulilo.

In a letter dated April 5 2012  addressed to NamPol’s Regional Commander for the Caprivi Region, members of the organizing committee, representing more than 100 concerned residents of the volatile Caprivi Region, notified NamPol of their intention to “hold a peaceful demonstration” and to “assemble and march to peacefully […] and formally hand over our petition to you”.

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Demonstration against Caprivi trial banned

A GROUP that was refused permission to hold a peaceful march in Katima Mulilo on April 13 to petition against the continued incarceration of the Caprivi secessionist suspects, said they will approach the Office of the Ombudsman for legal assistance to challenge the matter.

“It is our constitutional right to petition and assemble,” said one of the organisers of the planned march, Edwin Samati. “There was nothing untoward about the march; historical facts were given.”

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Government sets conditions for Muyongo talks

Government has not entirely ruled out talks with leaders of the failed coup in Caprivi – but has set out its own conditions for such dialogue.


The State would only entertain dialogue with Mishake Muyongo if the exiled former Swapo and DTA politician publicly denounces any plans or attempts to secede the Caprivi Region from Namibia.

This position was revealed by Prime Minister Nahas Angula yesterday, in reaction to demands by a section of Caprivi residents who have resuscitated attempts to secede the eastern region from the rest of Namibia.

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Namibia: Reply to the aborted demonstration in Caprivi Region

ALLOW me space in your newspaper to respond to the issue of the aborted demonstration in the Caprivi Region. I want to remind the said demonstrators that the United Democratic Party (UDP) has never whatsoever entered into a merger with SWAPO. The only party I know that merged with SWAPO is CANU. These two parties had released a joint press statement which read in part as follows:

“We the undersigned members of the South West Africa Peoples Organisation (SWAPO) and Caprivi African National Union (CANU) do hereby declare that, for the interest of our people and freedom and independence of our fatherland Caprivi Strip and South West Africa, CANU and SWAPO do hereby unite as one organisation in a different name.

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