Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG)CCG authorized to hold public Meetings

07 June 2014

We hereby announce to the media and our supporters orsympathizers that Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) have acquired POLICE authorization to hold public meetings anywhere in Caprivi. This follows our written request for such authorization with the aim of sharing our opinion on the upcoming Namibian elections in such meetings.

We knew that holding a peaceful public meeting or demonstration does not necessarily require NAMPOL authorization but rather a notification because it is guaranteed in the Namibian constitution. We went an extra mile to request such authority due to past experiences where we were twice disallowed to peacefully demonstrate and even labeled a threat to the public and the state.

Given this authority, the public should know that we are not a threat to anyone or to any state. We are simply exercising our necessary universal rights. It is against this background that we urge our supporters to always come out in numbers whenever we call a public meeting. There is nothing to fear, andfear cannot be an excuse anymore.

Moreover, we do not have a donor or resources and it is up to you, our supporters, to support us in this regard by donating any amount into our bank account. Our well known members who are working are once again urged to make monthly a commitment of not less than N$100 by any means. Your little sacrifices shall be recognized and you will be rewarded in a near future. The bible says blessed is a hand that gives.

Our bank account details are:

 Acc no: 599225289

Cheque Account

Standard Bank

Katima Mulilo


Thank you

Mr. Event Linyando

Information and Publicity Secretary

With Ms. Lenny Makanyi (Treasurer)

Caprivi Concerned Group



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