Caprivi Concerned Group


We are reliably informed that Namibia’s Ministry of Defence have their national security forces sensitised, and their arms or ammunitions ready, for an unknown operation in Caprivi Strip.

Last week, ammunitions in Mpacha Military base were cleaned in preparation for an unknown operation in the Strip, and yesterday on 15 June 2016, a company of (about 400) NDF members, and some special Reserve Forces, were sent to the strip for the same unknown operation.

It is our understanding that when security forces are sent out, fully armed and sensitised, they are going there to attack or defend. We therefore call upon the Commander in Chief of the Namibian Defence Force, Dr. Hage Geingob, to tell the nation what the military operation is all about, and / or what necessitates it.

We further call on human rights organisations and all concerned parties to keep their eyes on Caprivi Strip, and the UN Security Council to also keep a closer eye on the activities of these Namibian forces which already have a very bad record of serious human rights violation in the concerned territory.

We also call upon all Caprivians to be vigilant, especially former Caprivi political prisoners and Dukwi returnees, not to go to the forest alone or go anywhere at night. We all know that this is what happened in 1998, more soldiers were sent to the Strip and harassed people in villages, which subsequently led to the exodus to Botswana.

Event Linyando (Former NDF soldier)
Secretary for Information and Publicity
Caprivi Concerned Group