Caprivi Concerned Group







28 May 2016

Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) is disturbed by the intention of Government of Namibia to pursue an appeal against some forty-two (42) former Caprivi treason prisoners who were released in 2013 and 2015.

These men suffered a lot already in the hands of Namibia during their 13 to 16 years of unlawful detention. We view this appeal as nothing but political persecution and an attempt to frustrate or avoid civil claims of unlawful detention, and should be condemned by all peace loving people.

Detective Inspector Evans Simasiku, who deliberately bumped a member of CCG on Thursday 26 May 2016 at Kongola with a car, is going around telling the Caprivi treason ex-prisoners that “the state is not satisfied” with how they were released so they should be aware that anytime they will be needed in court because they are expected to oppose the application for leave to appeal on the date to be decided by court.

He is also serving them with the copy of the Notice for the Application of Leave to Appeal signed by the Prosecutor General, Lourens Campher, and dated 17 May 2016. The name of every recipient of the copy is noted and is required to sign apparently to show that he received a copy. According to Simasiku, those listed in this appeal should apply for legal aid even through the clerk at the nearest magistrate’s court.

CCG understands and believe that all who were discharged or acquitted in the main Caprivi High treason trial are since, and before, then innocent; however, having received the notice, they are expected to oppose or challenge the application, henceforth, we advise all those whose release is to be appealed against by the state to apply for legal aid the soonest. We ask their family members and all peace loving people or organisations to support them all the way.

They are as follows:

1. Calvin Malumo
2. Joseph Kamwi
3. Herbert Mutahane
4. John Masake
5. Chist Mushe
6. Kisko Sakusheka
7. Tobias Kananga
8. Ferederick Lutuhezi
9. Fred Ziezo
10. O’brien Mwananyambe
11. Joseph Mufuhi
12. Ernest Lifasi
13. Joseph Kabuyana
14. Richard Mungulike
15. Genes Kabotana
16. Stephen Mashando
17. Vasco Lyonga
18. Phelem Mutuwangele
19. Boswell Muyumbano
20. Ernest Samunzala
21. Wilsom Mutumuswana
22. Linus Luseso
23. Thaddeus Mundube
24. Gilbert Poshowe
25. Victor Lunyandile
26. Simon Mubita
27. Charles Samboma
28. Ignatius Tubushalila
29. Tiiso Manyando
30. John Samati
31.  Francis Pangala
32. Sylvester Ngalaule
33. Austen Ziezo
34. Andreas Mulupa
35. Roster Lukato
36. Davis Mazyu
37. Britan Lielezo
38. Brendan Luyanda
39. Frans Muhupulo
40. Gabriel Mwilima
41. Oscar Puteho
42. Richwell Manyemo

We do not anticipate that they will be re-arrested, but it should be noted that when the state appeals against an acquittal, literally, it wishes them to be re-arrested and convicted. For obvious reasons, political and natural hatred against Caprivians, the Namibian state wishes to get them behind bars again.

We therefore call upon the nation, nations, and other organizations to condemn this continued political persecution against Caprivians by the Namibian government.

Edwin Samati
Secretary General
Caprivi Concerned Group