Caprivi Concerned Group

From: “Timothy Shangadi”
Date: Jun 23, 2015 3:24 PM
Subject: FW: FW: Press Statement, Dated 23 June 2015
To: ,

Dear Mr Edwin Samati

We acknowledge receipt of your email regarding allegations of police brutality. A complaint file number 24433, is registered and we are prepared to investigate the matter, however we need further information that will help us planning the investigation and form basis of focus.

Your email states “…That land protesters, including women, were beaten mercilessly with fists and kicks, and some were followed/chased metres away and beaten by police officers with fists and kicks after/despite dispersing or leaving the protest point,
2. That some protesters were denied medical treatment, and apparently one of them died as a result of inter alia teargas suffocation and deprivation of the right to medical treatment”…,

We would like you to provide us with the followings;

1. Specific names and contact info of those people that are allegedly assaulted,

2. The name of the person in the article of the Informante, was he indeed treated and at which hospital and whether he made a police case for assault?

3. The particulars of the one who died as a result of inter alia teargas suffocation and deprivation of the right to medical treatment

4. Copies of photos and video clips in your positions, we are interested to see the footage.

5. Any other information and evidence in your possession that you think will be relevant and could help get true picture of the incident.

We are looking forward to receiving the requested information to enable us commence with our investigations

Timothy Shangadi
Deputy Director
Head: Ombudsman Investigations
Office of the Ombudsman
tel. 061 – 2073218
cell: 0812507665
fax 061 – 226838