Fact Finding
Fact Finding


10 November 2014


1. Cde. Alfred Chilinda (DTA)
2. Cde. David Mwilima (APP)
3. Cde. Fred Waluka (DTA)
4. Cde. John Sililo (NEFF)
5. Cde. Tapiso Matongela (RDP)
6. Cde. Benson Kaapala (CP)
7. Cde. Chris Muketela (DTA)
8. Cde. Luscan Sikosi (DTA)
9. Cde. Lister Sabuta (RDP)
10. Cde. Ivan Kabunga (RDP)
11. Cde. Geoffrey Mwilima (DTA)
12. Cde. Nalisa Muyahi (DTA)
13. Cde. Bigboy Buiswalelo (NEFF)
14. Cde. Cyprian Muyenga (DTA)
15. Cde. Daphne Siyongo (DTA)
16. Cde. Charles Muwana (DTA)
17. And others in SWAPO


First of all, our critical problems or issues in Caprivi do not require Caprivians to compete against each other but to cooperate with each other. Our problems as a society are totally different from those of Namibian societies.

It is well for Namibians to compete against each other but seriously dangerous for Caprivians to compete against each other. What we need now is unity through cooperation as we turn around into a new direction. What we need is not the elections but a peaceful revolution. We have a common agenda, and this agenda should be made clear to the Namibian government and the international community.

Hence, we write this letter to humbly appeal to you as our brothers and sisters, and as fellow victims of the Namibian colonial and autocratic government to join us in boycotting Namibian elections in the spirit of brotherhood on the 28th of November 2014. We strongly believe that you are naturally our comrades and compatriots, and we should therefore fight together as one for a common purpose.

Singling each one of you out of many is not intended to negatively expose you but to recognize you as leaders who do not only have followers but who also have political authority to positively influence and lead the new path to a Caprivi we all desire, and a society we all dream of.

By participating in Namibian elections through Namibian opposition parties which do not genuinely represent real issues or needs of Caprivian people who are rotting in mass graves, Namibian prisons and in refugee camps is, in our view, a generational betrayal to the past and the future generations of Caprivi.

Caprivi Concerned Group cannot stand by and watch Caprivian leaders competing against each other for the benefit of foreigners or foreign cooperatives. They are not only foreigners but they are also passive bystanders in our troubled times. Now that unity should be a priority for all Caprivians, your participation in such a competition in different small groups (parties) is detrimental, and a direct attack, to the concept and desire of Caprivians for Peace, Unity and Freedom.

If you were the founders or owners of those political parties; we would suggest a coalition to uproot the Namibian government from Caprivi but unfortunately you are not, and you have no meaningful influence in such parties. Moreover, those political parties stand no chance of taking over government of Namibia from SWAPO. This shows that things will remain the same.

Time has come for a political overhaul or total change. Time has come for Caprivians to freely determine their political, social and economic future through peaceful means and in unity. We cannot continue fighting and despising each other in the name of Namibian politics.

Your masters, or owners of the parties you represent, may have dished out money just for you to dilute and divert the minds and authority of Caprivians from solving real issues or problems which immensely affect our society, to petty issues and vague promises of development. This scenario is equivalent to selling out people’s power and dreams. Many of you have voted in all past Namibian elections but development is not visible while other areas administered by the Namibian government are developing.

We need to harmonize our strengths to pressurize relevant authorities and other organizations to find a lasting solution to the Caprivi high treason trial, Caprivi refugees and the Caprivi political dispute. The future and our conscience will punish us heavily should we ignorantly vote when our parents or relatives are still in mass graves, prisons and refugee camps.


Remember that we were together protesting against the name Zambezi and the misappropriation of western Caprivi to Kavango in 2013. We all agreed in our petition that if the name Caprivi is not restored then we the people of Caprivi will not participate (vote) in the upcoming Namibian elections. Are you comfortable to use a voter’s card where the name which you disputed is printed? Have you accepted it?

The future of Caprivi rests in your hands. What we do today, determines what we will experience tomorrow. We need to be bold enough and write our political desire in capital letters on the wall. We need to be positive in our self-concept and self-esteem, not to doubt our intelligence, capacity, and dreams. We must believe in ourselves than in others.

Our desire is to drive Caprivians towards unity of purpose, common mission and vision, and total independence. It is possible, but it requires one mind, one people, courage and commitment. Caprivi does not belong to any individual or group but to all of us, the natives and those who live in it.

We have to weaken (disempower) the Namibian government in Caprivi by not voting, and then reorganize ourselves and use our majority authority to map out a new and independent Caprivi through relevant international authorities. We have a vision; we have a dream which should be realized.

We are faithful that this prayer is received and accepted by the Almighty God, and each of you.

On behalf of the National Executive Committee and all concerned Caprivians,

Lenox Kalima Lutambo
Caprivi Concerned Group
Cell: 0813168139