Dear Editor/Journalist

We would like to request you help us to follow up our letter to the Caprivi Regional Coordinator of SWAPO (attached) which requested a meeting/dialogue with SWAPO Regional Executive Committee. It is more than three weeks now since we delivered the letter to SWAPO regional office but we have not received any answer regarding our request.

However, we have been informed by the administrator at SWAPO regional office that the letter was forwarded to the Secretary General of SWAPO, Pendukeni Livula Ithana to make a decision for the Caprivi regional executive committee of SWAPO with regard to our letter.

Having waited this long with many activities to embark upon we are running out of time and therefore unnecessary delays surely fails our confidential approach in this regard. Our parents and family men are languishing in prison and many Caprivians are dying in exile, a desperate situation that needs a desperate resolution from our part and Government of Namibia. There is no time to waste and we cannot wait forever, for nothing.

The some call for a response goes to the Caprivi Regional Youth Forum upon our request (attached) to have a meeting with the forum two weeks ago. The Chairperson of the forum, Cde John Ntemwa telephonically told us that he forwarded our letter to Windhoek for direction. Our time is running out, all we want to do with them is to talk and to listen to each other whether they buy our views or not.

However, we expected him, as much as we expected the regional coordinator of SWAPO to make a decision with their executive committees on regional levels instead of forwarding our requests to Windhoek. On this note, we would like to condemn this kind of administration whereby everything in Capriviv is determined in Windhoek.

The Caprivi high treason cases and Caprivi political dispute is no longer sensitive or secret, these two interlinked subjects must come out into public discourse for public analysis and conviction. People on streets or in air conditioned offices must find comfort and pleasure to discuss these issues otherwise the society will remain in old age for ages to come.

Thank you.


Edwin M Samati
General Secretary
Caprivi Concerned Group