Press Release

Press Release

12 November 2020


Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) notes the recent loss of lives unlawfully affected by the trigger-happy Botswana Defense Force (BDF) in Impalila Island, Caprivi Strip, with wretchedness.

Pending a joint investigation into the incidence involving killing of three siblings and another family member by the BDF, we demand government of Namibia to immediately release the boundary treaty entered into with Botswana in 2018. The document has not been availed to public and cannot be found on any public platform since its endorsement. The treaty is a public document and should therefore be availed publicly for public scrutiny.

We have lost dozens of precious lives sent off by the BDF along our common border with Botswana in the last 30 years. The BDF members frequently cross what is believed to be the boundary, harassing and killing our people, and even driving our wildlife from our territory to theirs. Caprivi was rich in wildlife but now not anymore.

To understand the attitude, actions and limits of the two governments regarding our common border and related matters, it is prudent that the boundary treaty document be availed publicly and scrutinized by traditional leaders in affected areas and individuals or interest groups.

We also call upon Government of Botswana to adopt just measures, in accordance with public and customary international law, in handling suspected poachers, measures which includes apprehending and bringing the suspects before a competent court of law where possible.

To the bereaved family, we are with you in grief and in prayers.

Mr. Edwin M Samati

Secretary General

Caprivi Concerned Group 

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