Caprivi Concerned Group

10 May 2016

Press Statement


We wish to express our sencere gratitude on the report by the Namibian police suggesting that our Deputy Chairperson, Cde. Retief Kangongo crossed the Muhembo Border post to Botswana probably for his safety. We appreciate their investigation.

However, as long as his whereabouts, with regard to where exactly he is, remains unknown or uncertain, it remains that he is still missing. We do not regret nor shall we apologise for saying that the Chief of Nampol, Sebastian Ndeitunga and others should be held responsible for whatever might have happened to Kangongo. This is so because of the threats from Ndeitunga towards leaders of Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) since 2012, particularly the latest threat he issued the day before or on which Kangongo disappeared.

Let it be established as to why he fled to Botswana leaving his family and properties behind, but we still believe that the Police Chief’s threats are the principal cause. As much as such malicious threats were issued by Ndeitunga in his capacity as the Inspector General of Nampol, and are upheld by him, his force or the higher authority, we shall uphold our reasonable belief that he and others should be held responsible if not accountable for whatever happened to Cde. Kangongo.

We urge the Namibian police and journalists not to treat findings suggesting that he crossed to Botswana as if it means he was found. The fact remains that he is still missing since we and his family do not know where exactly he is and there is no communication since he disappeared. However, we will ensure our own investigation by privately engaging the Botswana government to establish his whereabouts, his safety and security in that country if truly he crossed.

Regarding an accusation of stealing a cellphone, we are informed that police established that he was falsely accused, hence he was neither charged nor punished. Claiming that he fled because of his alleged involvement in the cellphone story is pure fallacy. He actually owned two cellphones, and he has no record of theft from childhood.

Finally, we suspect that there might be other people who may have recently fled to Botswana for their safety as a result of these threats by Police Chief. However, we are still saying, Nampol should be held responsible for whatever might have happened to Kangongo, and human rights organizations should be on alert and keep their eyes on Caprivi Strip.

Thank you.

Edwin Samati

Secretary General

Caprivi Concerned Group

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