Hon. Linus Mafale
The Regional Coordinator
Caprivi Region

 Dear Sir


We would first like to congratulate you for your election as the SWAPO regional coordinator of Caprivi region in the last SWAPO regional congress. Cheers!!!

We are writing this letter to request a political dialogue with SWAPO Regional Executive Committee of Caprivi region on the Caprivi political dispute at SWAPO Regional Headquarter on Sunday the 04th of November 2012 at time convenient to you.

Since SWAPO is the ruling party, we wish to discuss our perspective of the Caprivi High treason trial and the Caprivi Strip political dispute with the highest SWAPO structure in Caprivi region. The aim and objective is to listen to, share, and understand each other’s perspective of these mentioned issues so that we can together find the best possible way to peacefully settle them.

We are the Caprivi Concerned Group who organized the 13th April 2012 peaceful demonstration which was aimed at calling for a peaceful political solution to the stated dispute which was unfortunately not approved by the Inspector General of NAMPOL Leut. Gen. Ndeitunga. We are again the organizers of the June 3, 2012 mass meeting which was held in Ngweze Community Hall.

We believe in peace and unity, above all we believe in the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the constitution of Namibia Chapter 3, and the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights (1948).

We look forward to your timely response. We may follow up our response as from Wednesday, 31 November 2012.


Yours Faithful


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Edwin M. Samati (0814960827)                                            Nalisa N. Muyahi (0813583362)
General Secretary                                                                         Secretary: Information & publicity
Caprivi Concerned Group                                                          Caprivi Concerned Group