Caprivi Concerned Group

30 April 2016

Katima Mulilo, Caprivi Strip


Caprivi Concerned Group unapologetically confirms that the video clip being circulated through WhatsApp and other means on which Newera Newspaper published a story last Friday, is our private property which was recorded in a private place for private purposes.

However, we further state and confirm that we are not responsible for releasing or distributing the said clip. The content of the video was not with all intent meant for public exposure, nor to harm any individual, any legal person or the Namibian state.

We urge our supporters and sympathisers not to panic and to support the Inspector General of NAMPOL, Cde. Sebastian Ndeitunga, in his quest to trace the culprit who obviously stole and released the video. We have also consulted our legal advisors and there is a possibility of oppening a criminal case of theft in which we expect Newera newspaper and NBC to help with investigations or be held liable.

It is undisputable that anyone with the video, i.e. the newspapers or NBC, did not seek the consent from us the legal owners of the clip. However, we are not surprised that the state newspaper and television decided to report about the video on Friday 29 April 2016, the date which was set for a hearing on the Caprivi treason appeal in Windhoek High Court. It is not just a coincidence, it was planned for political reasons and to distract or I’ll influence the cause of justice.

In conclusion, we advise those who are circulating the clip that they should stop doing so as it is un-African and an abomination to share malicious insults of elders, it infringes the personal liberty or integrity of our respected and humble leaders, and violates our right to privacy. Surely, such acts are also a risk of being charged and convicted of theft or a civil law suit.

We call upon the Namibian Police Inspector General to investigate and find the person who stole and published the clip. If possible, there should be a N$10 000 reward by Nampol for anyone who will name the culprit.

God bless Caprivi Strip! The struggle continues…

Executive Leadership

Caprivi Concerned Group