The Chairperson
Regional Youth Forum
Caprivi Region


Dear Sir


We are writing this letter to request a social – political dialogue with Regional Youth Forum of Caprivi region on the Caprivi political dispute and the high treason trial in particular at venue convenient to you on Thursday the 8th of November 2012 at 14h30.

Having learnt that many of the youth in Caprivi region are directly and otherwise affected by the Caprivi high treason trial and the political dispute in general, we, the Caprivi Concerned Group bare a conviction that the regional youth forum would be the best platform to deliberate these issues to an effect of finding a possible peaceful lasting solution or remedy to these social – political issues. During such deliberations we will all have an opportunity to listen to, share, and understand each other’s perspective or points of view of these issues.

We are the Concerned Caprivians who organized the 13th April 2012 peaceful demonstration aimed at calling for a peaceful political solution to the stated dispute. It was unfortunately not approved by the Inspector General of NAMPOL Leut. Gen. Ndeitunga. We are again the organizers of the June 3, 2012 mass meeting which was held in Ngweze Community Hall.

We believe in peace and unity, above all we believe in the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the constitution of Namibia Chapter 3, and the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights (1948).

We look forward to your timely response. We may follow up our response on Wednesday, 07 October 2012.


Yours Faithful


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Edwin M. Samati (0814960827)                                            Nalisa N. Muyahi (0813583362)
General Secretary                                                                        Secretary: Information & publicity
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