Thursday, October 3rd 2013, 15h00, Katima Mulilo, Mukusi Cabins, Caprivi

We knocked politely, with perseverance and faith but Namibia continue to reject our suggestions of possible solutions on all Caprivi political dispute.

We cannot believe that our parents and brothers remain incarcerated for 14 years as suspects in what is supposed to be a democratic state.

Now that we know and understand the Caprivi political dispute much better, we are ready to take any route we find best and deem fit to solve our political problem.

In February this year we petitioned the United Nations resident Coordinator in Namibia, Mr. Bandora Musinga but he also chose eternal silence. We know and understand the founding purpose and principles of the UN, and we charge that Mr. Musinga has slipped and fell on such principles in the manner he handled our petition.

We hope he will welcome our second coming to his office (if necessary) and be courageous to discuss Caprivi freedom if the condition given herein will not be granted within the given time frame.

We can no longer continue to be beggars of rights or justice. We are not vegetables which submits to any weather no matter how extreme. We are human beings. We know what is best for us, and we have the capacity and right to determine our political future at any stage. We cannot be silenced by silence or pain.

Therefore, heaven and earth be witness today, as we appeal to the Namibian government for the last time to unconditionally release all Caprivi political prisoners and open all doors for political dialogue with the United Democratic Party (UDP) within 15 days from today, 03 Oct. 2013.

Failure to do so;

  1. We shall turn our back against Namibia and openly support the peaceful movement, particularly the UDP, to liberate Caprivi Strip from Namibia’s illegal occupation.
  2. We shall support the peaceful establishment of the sovereignty of Caprivi to protect the internationally defined territory of Caprivi Strip without reservations.
  3. We shall inform the world that Namibia is governing the people and territory of Caprivi at gun point, and approach courts to challenge the jurisdiction of Namibia over Caprivi Strip in court as soon as possible.
  4. We shall look for international protection, recognition and support for Caprivians’ right to self-determination and complete freedom from Namibia.
  5. We shall freely, publicly and frequently express our support for an independent sovereignty and territory of Caprivi Strip.
  6. We shall expose all human rights abuse committed upon Caprivians by SWAPO prior Namibia independence and subsequently by the Namibian government since 1990.

We thank you.
Signed by;
The Chairperson
Cde. Lennox Lutambo
Caprivi Concerned Group