logo-w-textIn response to the Namibian Police Chief, Mr. Sabastian Ndeitunga’s typical ill thought comments on the latest political affiliation of Caprivi Concerned Group (CCG) in the Namibiansun newspaper of Monday 14 Oct. 2013, we first want to publicly warn him to keep his uniform away from political issues before we drop him in court. If he has interests in politics he should rather resign from police.

If there is anything else to say about Caprivi in his line of duty, he should tell us where they buried Mr. Shadrick Chainda, Mr. Hensmeyer Tungulu and others in 1999, and also tell us the progress in his consultations with the Attorney and Prosecutor General to allow our peaceful demonstration which we requested in November 2012!

In case he commented on our political issue under instruction from the political leadership of Namibia, such leadership or leaders should also go to hell for being cowards and hiding behind a man in uniform using him as a human shield.

The political leadership of Namibia should have guts already to come out and squarely face the Caprivi political question. Our time has already run out and these are just dying minutes of our patience and faith in the Namibian political leadership to be brave enough.

However, if Mr. Ndeitunga is the political spokesperson of Namibia, he should have realised that CCG and CLA may share the objectives but not the means. CCG is ready to give full support to all peaceful efforts or movement to free Caprivi Strip without reservations.

We also urge journalists who report about this political dispute to be critical and sensitive, and ask right questions to the right persons than asking wrong questions to anyone nearby. Political questions should be answered by political leaders and not a police officer or a nurse in uniform.

To conclude, threats by Ndeitunga will not move us by any inch backwards but shall become one of our stepping stones as we march forward.

As natives, we are deeply rooted in the soil of Caprivi Strip and everything that concerns it. We are counting down.

Thank you.

Edwin Samati

Secretary General

Caprivi Concerned Group